Start with a dream

Like we know that there are many famous worlds character that gain success in their inventions, start only by a dream/imagination

When I was a child, technologies haven’t as modern as now. When I was in elementary grade two, I dreamed how pleasant will it be to have a mobile phone/phone cellular which can bring everywhere. Indeed, I couldn’ realized the dream because I entered Faculty of Economy. When I graduated from the university, I still couldn’t find the mobile phone/phone cellular. Finally, I forget the dream.

I have ever told the dream to my parents, but they just said that it was a strange idea. It”s just a dream. My parents only graduated from elementary. So, I forgot the dream.

As the times goes by, the phone cellular was found. I remember again about the dream and smile, because in fact what I have ever dreamed to becomes reality.

So, history proved that indeed the big improvement started from a dream. A man need to have strong willing to realize his dream. So, dare to have a dream not only imagination, try to realize it.

Man who doesn’t dare to have a dream will never make a change. The era will always change. If we don”t want to change, so we will become the object of the changing.
We have to win over the fear to change.

Remember about Napoleon Hill who said an important word for us to think about “What do you think and believe, you will get it” If you think you can, so you can. So, it is important to have associate with people who have positive thinking.

Thomas Alfa Edison started with a dream to change the dark night into shiny day. Because of his dream, he found light bulb that we can enjoy now. Bacause of his obsession, he can make change.

How about you ? Dare to have adream ?

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